MLS for Less!

The most recent statistics show 90% of all home buyer’s start and utilize the internet as a primary source for home search information.  The only way to get into the most visited real estate sites is to be listed in a local MLS database.  So, we’ve bridged the gap between hiring an agent full time to gain this access, and going it alone without the benefit of this incredible exposure.

A Licensed REALTOR® from Colorado Realty Professionals, LLC will list your property in the local MLS database system, for 90 days, such that all of the REALTORS® in your area know your property is for sale.  This is the same system every agent searches to find properties for sale.  It is absolutely, the NUMBER ONE source of information for the real estate community, and a must for those serious about selling their home.

In addition to the MLS input, your property will be pumped to large traffic real estate search sites such as,, and  

The information on your home listing will also be fed to every home search site that utilizes IDX property search.  This includes all major Real Estate companies sites, and most individual broker/agent sites.

For a one time flat fee (currently $997,) we get you in front of every agent and every home buyer searching for a home like yours. Additionally, we handle all the paperwork and contract coordination. You can rest assured that your sale will be properly documented, and navigated through the process. Lastly, all the property showing setup, signage, lockbox, feedback requests, etc. are included with this fee!

You will responsible for the bulk of the marketing. All photos, virtual tours, brochures, flyers, written descriptions etc. will need to be provided by you. But, that’s it, we really do take care of everything else!

The only other fee, would be a commission payable to an Agent if, and only if, they bring a buyer that buys your home, at the price and terms you agree to. You have complete control over the amount of the Co-op Commission (typically 2.0%-3.0%) and you will expose your property to all the REALTORS® who may have a buyer for your home.

It’s easy to get started, and we can have your home up and running in less than a day!  Call today at 303.770.1180 with any questions!

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